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Steel Wire Mesh

This unique product is made of deformed steel wire, addressing specific needs with a wide array of configurations.  Spacing measurements, frequency and pattern are all adjusted to yield specified cross-sectional steel areas for your particular project.

Engineered Wire Mesh
Purpose of reinforcement


Elevated structures require effective reinforcement to avoid the consequences of positive and negative moments and shears.  Shrinkage, temperature and moments control are three basic problems affecting slabs-on-ground.  Reduce the negative impact of these influences on concrete structures by using  Engineered Wire Mesh.


Engineered Wire Mesh reduces the weight of reinforcement materials by up to 25%, while providing the same strength as conventional reinforcing.  Since both cross-section of wires can be varied, exact areas of steel can be configured into a sheet format.  This and joint spacing are two essential tools for the effective control of shrinkage cracks.

Material Cost

Benefits of using engineered wire mesh

Save more than 50% on overhead costs using Engineered Wire Mesh over Re-bar.  The AC1318 Building Code has long recognized the equality of welded wire reinforcement and Re-bar.  They are used almost exclusively in Reinforced Concrete Supported Structures and Pre-cast / Pre-stressed Components.

Labor Cost

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